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Nov. 4, 2022

Martin Hassler Hallstedt on using Psychology research to teach kids Math

Martin Hassler Hallstedt on using Psychology research to teach kids Math
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If you look at the majority of education systems, you'll notice that there is little to no change between today's kid's experiences and their parent's or grandparents.

Yet the rest of the world never stopped evolving. Our old education systems are just not suited anymore to cope with the requirements of the modern world. Especially when it is estimated that 65% of today's children will have jobs that don't yet exist.

One way to fix this is by bringing modern tech into the classroom and individualising the learning process. Not only does one gather information about every student, but it also increases their well-being and performance. One of the people doing that is Martin Hassler Hallstedt, turning his Psychology PhD project into a Maths learning app called "Count on me" for young kids. Why maths? Well, maths is the best predictor of later academic success, even more than reading comprehension.

But his path didn't always seem to guide him towards math ...

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